For those wanting a little more than a conservatory, the orangery is the ideal solution.

Originally designed to house and grow exotic fruits and plants, orangeries became a symbol of wealth and status. 

Nowadays they provide a beautiful alternative to the traditional conservatory.

Designed with solidly build columns, a partial solid ceiling, and the inclusion of a roof light, they are a well balanced mix of traditional build extensions and conservatories.

This choice of style ensures that the room forms- and feels like - an intergral part of the home, blending light with reassuring sturdiness.

A traditional period Orangery is very different in design and construction to that of a classical Conservatory. Not better or worse, just very different to reflect its intended use and the way it has to work and sit with the architecture of the home.

The main difference is in the entire roof structure, an Orangery has a glazed lantern which has a smaller footprint than the structure itself. 

Compared to the Orangery, the glazed roof of a Conservatory covers the entire footprint of the structure, and as a consequence the roof pitch has to be much greater, rarely less than 30 degrees, and the amount of glass resulting from this can be overbearing in sensitive architectural surroundings.